IO1.1 Lessons schedule 1° year

IO1.2 Concert Programme 1° year

IO1.3 Observation diary form

IO1.4 Working drafts Kinder Symphonie (re-elaborated by Sbattella L.)

IO2.1 Lessons schedule 2° year

IO2.2 Concert Programme 2° year

IO2.3 Working : Tuileries (re-elaborated by Vergani F.)

IO3.1 Lessons schedule 3° year

IO3.2 Working drafts: Jeunesse d'Hercule (re-elaborated by Vergani F.)

IO4.1 Admission form

IO4.2 Summary application for admission

IO4.3 Parent-Teacher meeting schedule 1° year

IO4.4 The limit that challenges the relationship

IO4.5 Student profile 1° year

IO5.1 Parent-Teacher meeting schedule 2° year

IO5.2 Student profile 2° year

IO5.3 Parental holding

IO9.1 Educational multimedia artistic paths in Art Therapy 1° year

IO10.1 Educational multimedia artistic paths in Art Therapy 2° year

IO12.1 Film "Ma vie, mon regard"

IO16.1 Drama Therapy 1° year

Workshop in Turkey

World Theater Day

IO17.1 Drama Therapy 2° year

Photo exhibition




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